GPS Area Calculation



- Quick Start Guide

- Installing GPSMeter PDA

- Setting the program to use with my Bluetooth-GPS receiver

- Important note for using GPSMeter PDA with GPS SiRF based chipset (Static Navigation)

- How to print the measurements made with GPSMeter PDA

- What is the lateral offset in GPS?

- Transverse Mercator Projection: A practical example

- Installing the right version

- High accuracy in the measurement of the area

- How to load a DXF file in GPSMeter PDA?

- How to get the Serial Number of GPSMeter PDA once installed on your PDA?

- What projections are available in GPSMeter PDA?

- Using the "GPS Windows Mobile"

- About averaging function (How to enhance accuracy)

- How to use US State Plane projections.

- Visualize your measurement over a map online.

- Drawing polygons, rectangles and circles.

- Using EOV coordinates (Hungary).

- Adding a hole to an area.

For additional technical support you can go to the Help included in the program or write to

[Area Measurement with GPS] [Register GPSMeter PDA] [Support on GPSMeter PDA]