GPS Area Calculation


About averaging function.

You can use this function to enhance the accuracy of your measurements, specially if you don't have a very irregular contour.

When you keeps your GPS fixed at a certain location, the position are distributed around a central position as you can see in the following pictures.

gps area
gps area
gps area
A GPS fixed gives this distribution of position. All positions are inside a circle of radius 1m Video AVI format The WPT was taken averaging the positions for 200 seconds and represent the more accurate measure of GPS's location Video AVI format Note that the path followed is chaotic.

You can use the averaging function to measure areas with better accuracy. The handicap is that this method is more slow than AP logging.

1) Go to a point of your contour.
2) Left the GPS fixed.
3) Start Averaging mode, wait for 200 lectures, press STOP, press AREA and close the dialog.
4) Go to next point.

Repeat steps 1,2,3 and 4 until close your contour.

See a video of step 3 showing the averaging of first point of the contour (AVI format)

See a video after averaging the 4th point of the contour (AVI format)

gps area

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