GPS Area Calculation for Android

Area measurement on your cell phone

GPSArea for Android

Based on the same principle as the well-known "GPSMeter PDA" we present a small version for devices running Android.

This program allows you to measure areas of any size, with a precision marked by your own GPS. The larger the area, the better the measure. The perfect tool for field and farm work.

To find the program in the Android Market make a search for "GPS Area Calculation" or for the package "com.gpsmeter.gpsarea". Note that not all countries have access to this Market (see Paid App Availability)

For the users that don't have access to Android Market, a Paypal version is also available. For install this version browse in your device to this link GPSArea (Screenshot of PayPal Checkout). You can use also this version if you wish to work with the program without internet connection.

gps area gps area
gps area gps area
gps area gps area

The main features are:

- Coordinates Lat/Lon, UTM
- Precise Calculation of the area using projection UTM
- Precise reading of the position of the GPS using averages
- Units of measurement: Metric system or Imperial
- Export data in ESRI Shapefile
- Export data in DXF
- Export data Google Earth KML
- Display measurements under Google Maps
- Scales and Zoom
- Languages: English, Deutsch, French, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese

This program is compatible to file level with "GPSMeter PDA", so that you can also use "gpmReport" to see and print your mesures in your PC.
You can also upload the *.gpm file directly to the GPS Visualizer online utility.

If your phone does not show the Menu Button of the application, you can try:
- Touch and keep touched the back button for at least 2 seconds and the menu appears.

Or, in Android 6 or Samsung Galaxy S7
- Settings - Accessibility - Dexterity and Interaction - turn on the Assistant Menu.
This will add a floating button to the screen that you can press to reveal a menu containing the old Menu button.

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