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Current version: 2.29

Date: 02/05/13

- Maintenance release

Date: 14/03/11

- Maintenance release

Date: 13/07/11

- Maintenance release

Date: 11/05/10

- Added drawings functions

- Added settings for SHP import

- Requires update gpmReport to version 1.60

Date: 29/04/10

- Fixed an error when exporting WPT in DXF and UTM formats

- Added Lithuanian language

Date: 20/02/10

- Minor changes

Date: 28/12/09

- Added icons for WPT set

- Minor changes

Date: 04/11/09

- Import of .nmea files

- Option to play a sound on log point

- Support for UNICODE file names for SHP files

Date: 21/08/09

- Minor changes

Date: 21/06/09

- Fixed a bug in the function "Autodetect GPS"

Date: 24/05/09

- Changes for automatically use Foot for "Other projections" (

Date: 03/03/09

- Minor changes

Date: 20/08/08

- Added Wizard

- Added functions for tuning SiRF GPS (Static Navigation & EGNOS/WAAS)

Date: 23/10/07

- Added new set of projections (Projections)

- Added new function to divide a surface

- Minor changes

Date: 06/05/07

- Added Dutch langage

- Added Coordinates screen reader

- Minor changes

Date: 27/01/07

- Added Export to OziExplorer track files

- Added Export to CompeGPS track files

- Restored compatibility for Square and Landscape screens under Windows Mobile 5.0

Date: 18/11/06

- Simplified the options export DXF

- Improved connection with certain GPS Bluetooth

- Added options for external keys


Date: 27/08/06

- Added russian language

Date: 28/07/06

- Added HDOP (Horizontal Dilution of Precision) filter

Date: 19/07/06

- Minor changes

Date: 11/06/06

- Added GPS position to Distances query

- Export to Google Earth KML

- Minor changes

Date: 02/05/06

- Added export to ESRI Shapefiles

- Minor changes on graphics

Date: 07/04/06

- Revisited the DXF export function (DXF2002 format)

- Added altitude to Wpt

- Added altitude to Averaging procedure

Date: 23/03/06

- Changed the functions "Export UTM" and "Export Geo" to include the fixpoints

- Fixed an error avoiding the load of old gpm files

Date: 10/03/06

- Added an optional "Short note" for each point of current object

Date: 21/02/06

- New version optimized for Windows Mobile 5.0 (free update)
Note: The License Number will change. Please, send the new Serial Number

- Transverse Mercator Projection defined by the user

- Lateral offset (artificial) in GPS's position

- Reordered the menus to make the Settings more intuitive

Date: 15/12/05

- Added "Auto detect" function for GPS

Date: 14/11/05

- Fixed dialog's sizes on VGA screens

- Safe unload of driver for virtual port

Date: 09/11/05

- Added driver for reading the GPS via virtual port. Use this mode if you're obtaining problems on reading the GPS (Acer N35, some Bluetooth units,...)

- Fixed errors on drawing the ruler on VGA screens

- Fixed error on averaging routine

Date: 28/09/05

- Multiples shapes per file

- DXF's export improved

- VGA compatible

- New files .gpm aren't compatible with older versions of GPSMeter PDA

Date: 21/08/05

- Color options.

Date: 05/08/05

- Improved communication with GPS-receiver.

Date: 25/06/05

- Portuguese language added.
- Minor changes on graphical routines.

Date: 18/04/05

- Found errors in some datum transformations. Please, if you're obtaining this error, change to Datum WGS84 always.
- If you dont understand the datum transformations always use WGS84.

Date: 18/03/05

- Added hardware buttons:

Button 1: captura (1K)
Button 2: captura (1K)
Button 3: captura (1K)
Button 4: captura (1K)
Arrow up: captura (1K)
Arrow down: captura (1K)
Arrow left: captura (1K)
Arrow right: captura (1K)

[Area Measurement with GPS] [Register GPSMeter PDA] [Support on GPSMeter PDA]